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Does anybody think that librarians of early last century cared less for children or had poorer taste in books? Of course not. Here is a curated database of books recommended by librarians from ago, books that are now widely available as free e-books.

Start your e-book collection development here; find great books that you can...

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free e-books for schools

Download High School Reading List Books in the Public Domain as PDF

Download Middle School Reading List Books in the Public Domain as PDF

I cross-...

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Every year, all across America, high school kids manage to almost ruin their futures with pranks that turn out to be against the law.  Ever wish there were something you could do about it?

That's why I created the "Prank or Felony" slideshow and teaching unit.  The slideshow discusses actual pranks, pulled from news stories, that were eventually charged as crimes.  The slideshow serves...

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puppy with heart

An annotated bibliography of theology-related books available as free e-books. The annotation is a review, some or all of the Table of Contents, or information about the author.Each entry description contains a link to a search engine that searches only the best, free e-book sites. No guarantees that every book on the list is public domain in your particular country. 


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don't text and drive