Is Texting and Driving a Good Idea?

Mon, 10/17/2011 - 22:14 -- auntleecalisi
don't text and drive
Is texting and driving a good idea? This video is an example of verbal irony and is suitable for use in high school lessons on the topic. Verbal irony is when a speaker intentionally says one thing and means another. From the first line, "My ride don't need no hand nor eye" we get the idea -- obviously, driving a car requires the driver to use eyes and hands. It's also sung by kittens trying to look tough and failing. My personal favorite line is "Physics don't apply to me," which is technically irony but is so completely believed by most teens that it should probably be carefully pointed out as an example of irony.

A song about texting and driving:  Click here for more info about using this video in a classroom setting



This song knows that people aren't afraid of dying; they are afraid of being embarrassed.